The Porsche 968

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The Porsche 968 is fundamentally the descendant to the Porsche 944. It has the classic GT front engine, rear wheel drive layout with the added benefit of a rear transaxle giving almost perfect weight allocation. The low nose line and wide wheel arches help to emphasize the good-looking lines of this classic shape, a reel head turner especially in Porsche Guards Red livery.
The concealed headlights of the 944 have gone and been restored with visible pop up headlights similar to the Porsche 928, helping to bring the look of the car in line with the look of the 928 and the 911 (964) at that time. The practical benefit is that the headlights get washed along with the rest of the car instead of having to pop them up to wash them.

The interior remains as fashioned in the 944 with the famous "oval dash". The same robust materials have been used which have given all Porsche owners many years of trouble free motoring.

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The Porsche 968

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